Palmetto Advantage Care


Palmetto Advantage Care is passionate and committed to improving the quaility of life and access to health resources throughout the community. This is why we have developed 6 health care initiatives that promote health awareness and wellness in  various patient demographics and help all members of the community become their own health advocate.

Sweet Palmetto 

Palmetto Meds

Palmetto Healthy Kids 

We are very passionate about our diabetes health initiative. We stay abreast with latest research and treatment diabetes guidelines to provide the most accurate information so that every patient is able to most effectively manage diabetes for themeselves and for loved ones. 
Palmetto Meds focuses on empowering all patients to be their own medication expert. Our goal is to have every patient in the community have a better understanding of their medications so that each person can gain a life geared toward better health and wellness. 
Children are our future and we feel a responsibility to ensure that their  future is a healthy one. This program is designed to take a fun approach to educating children and their caregivers about a variety of health  topics that commonly  effect children.